Julia Colman

"[[A Woman of the Century]]" Julia Colman (pen name, Aunt Julia; February 16, 1828 – January 10, 1909) was an American temperance educator, activist, editor and writer of the long nineteenth century. She served as superintendent of literature in the Woman's Christian Temperance Union (WCTU).

Colman, through many years of her life, was closely in touch with the National Temperance Society, for which she provided service. She contributed to the Society's educational and missionary sides by writing for its periodicals and for tract, pamphlet and book literature. Along these lines she made prominent the instruction of children and youth as well as adults in the principles of total abstinence and prohibition. She thoroughly believed in education as the great means of reaching success. Colman also prepared several series of leaflets for the WCTU. Among these might be mentioned the ''Union Leaflets'', reaching 114 in number; the ''Gospel Handbills'', reaching 67 numbers; and the ''Beer Series'', reaching 57 numbers. She prepared over 450 leaflets and tracts that were issued by the National Temperance Society. Her most important work and the largest was entitled, ''The Temperance Handbook for Speakers and Workers'', a volume of 178 pages. Her ''Alcohol and Hygiene for Schools'' had a large sale for many years, and her ''Juvenile Temperance Manual for Teachers'' was in demand. Colman devoted the larger portion of her time to this work of pushing and circulating educational literature. She was a contributing editor to ''The Union Signal''. Provided by Wikipedia
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