Philipp Lorenz Geiger

Philipp Lorenz Geiger}} Philipp Lorenz Geiger (29 August 1785 in Freinsheim – 19 January 1836 in Heidelberg) was a German pharmacist and chemist known for his work with plant alkaloids.

From the age of 14 he worked as an apprentice pharmacist in Adelsheim, followed by pharmacy training as an assistant in Heidelberg, Rastatt and Karlsruhe. Around 1811 he took over management of a pharmacy in Lörrach, then from 1814 to 1821, was associated with the pharmacy at the University of Heidelberg. In the meantime he obtained his PhD (1817) and habilitation (1818). In 1824 he was named an associate professor, an appointment that was made against the will of Leopold Gmelin, a professor of chemistry at Heidelberg.

With Ludwig Hesse, he isolated the alkaloids atropine, aconitine, colchicine and hyoscyamine. In 1831 he was the first to obtain coniine in a pure state. Provided by Wikipedia
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