Alexis Pauline Gumbs

Gumbs on ''[[The Laura Flanders Show]]'' in 2016 Alexis Pauline Gumbs is an American writer, independent scholar, poet, activist and educator based in Durham, North Carolina. Gumbs advocates for other POC queer women and is commonly known as a “Black Feminist love evangelist,” but she also describes herself as a "Queer Black Troublemaker." In her experimental triptych (''Spill'', ''M Archive'', and ''Dub''), Gumbs explores the implications of humanity’s struggle with ecological disruption and Black feminist theory and refusals. Provided by Wikipedia
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    by Gumbs, Alexis Pauline, 1982-
    Published 2018
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    Published 2016
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    Published 2021
    Other Authors: ...Gumbs, Alexis Pauline, 1982-...
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