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Adam Hart

Adam Hart in 2021 Adam Hart is an English scientist, author and broadcaster, specialising in ecology, entomology and conservation, especially in southern Africa. He has co-presented three BBC TV documentaries on social insects (BBC4's ''Planet Ant: Life Inside the Colony'', BBC2's ''Life on Planet Ant'' and BBC2's ''Hive Alive''). Hart has written and presented numerous BBC Radio 4 and BBC World Service documentaries and written more than 120 scientific papers.

In 2015, he authored the popular-science book ''The Life of Poo'' about our complex relationships with bacteria.

His 2020 book, ''Unfit for Purpose'', detailed mismatches between human evolution and the modern world and was published by Bloomsbury. In 2017, he presented the BBC World Service weekly science programme ''Science in Action'' and in 2021 he presented the series Tooth and Claw. A second series of ''Tooth and Claw'' was first broadcast in 2022. In 2022, his career was profiled on Radio 4's Life Scientific. The episode was recorded live at the Hay Festival and focussed on his early work on honeybees and leafcutting ants. Provided by Wikipedia