Peter Lee

Peter Lee may refer to: *Peter Lee (bishop of Christ the King) (born 1947), England-born Anglican bishop, working in South Africa *Peter Lee (bishop of Virginia) (born 1938), American bishop of the Episcopal Church *Peter Lee (chess player) (born 1943), English chess player *Peter Lee (computer scientist) (born 1960), American computer scientist *Peter Lee (cricketer) (born 1945), English cricketer *Peter Lee (ice hockey) (born 1956), ice hockey manager and retired player *Peter Lee (trade unionist) (1864–1935), mine union leader in County Durham, England *Peter Lee (engineer) (born 1954), Australian engineer and academic *Peter Lee Ka-kit (born 1963), vice-chairman and managing director of Henderson Land Development *Peter Lee Jung-sum (1939–2008), Hong Kong meteorologist, elder brother of Bruce Lee *Peter Lee, arrested for allegedly giving submarine radar secrets to China; see Timeline of the Cox Report controversy *Pete Lee (born 1947), Colorado state legislator *Peter P. Lee (1861–1937), American politician *Peter Lee (director), Chinese film director *Peter Lee (Gaelic footballer) (born 1955), Irish Gaelic footballer Provided by Wikipedia
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