Li Zhen

Li Zhen () may refer to:

*Li Zhen (Tang dynasty) (627–688), son of Emperor Taizong of Tang *Li Yu, Prince of De (died 905), son of Emperor Zhaozong of Tang, briefly known as Li Zhen at one point *Li Zhen (Later Liang) (died 923), key politician of Later Liang *Li Zhen (female general) (1908–1990), first female general of the Chinese People's Liberation Army *Li Zhen (Minister of Public Security) (1914–1973), Chinese general and Minister of Public Security *Li Zhen (Shandong politician) (1924–2018), chairman of Shandong People's Congress *Li Chen (artist) (born 1963), Taiwanese sculptor *Li Zhen (synchronised swimmer) (born 1979), Chinese synchronized swimmer *Li Zhen (canoeist) (born 1985), Chinese sprint canoeist Provided by Wikipedia
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