Dan Lungu

Lungu at the Göteborg Book Fair (2013) Dan Lungu (; born September 15, 1969) is a Romanian novelist, short story writer, poet and dramatist, also known as a literary theorist and sociologist. The recipient of critical acclaim for his short story volume ''Cheta la flegmă'' ("Quest for Phlegm") and his novels ''Raiul găinilor'' ("Chicken Paradise") and ''Sînt o babă comunistă!'' ("I'm a Communist Biddy!"), he is also one of the most successful authors to have emerged in post-1990 Romanian literature. Lungu's literary universe, which mainly comprises "microsocial" images of life under the communist regime and during the subsequent transitional period, bridges a form of Neorealism with Postmodernism. Often included among a group of authors who signed their first major contracts with Polirom publishing house, he is also seen as a distinctive voice from his adoptive provincial city of Iași.

A lecturer at the Faculty of Sociology, University of Iași, and former editor in chief of ''Timpul'' newspaper, Dan Lungu is also the noted author and co-author of essays and sociological research into everyday life under communist rule, scientific preoccupations which share similarities with his work in fiction. His main interests in the area of historical research include the feminine experience of totalitarian rule, the connection between official propaganda and the actual lives of working class members, and the development of cultural attitudes in relation to communist censorship. Provided by Wikipedia
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