Martha Menchaca

Martha Menchaca is an academic in the fields of social anthropology, ethnicity, gender, oral history, legal anthropology, immigration, and Chicana/o Studies on the relationship between U.S. and Mexican culture. Menchaca is recognized for her research on immigration, naturalization, and birthright citizenship. She is currently a professor at the University of Texas, Austin in the Department of Anthropology.

In 2019, Menchaca, along with professors Alberto A. Martinez, Jorge CaƱizares-Esguerra, Emilio Zamora, Gloria Gonzalez-Lopez, Francisco Gonzalez-Lima, Fred Valdez, Jr., and John Moran Gonzalez, authored the ''[ Hispanic Equity Report]'', which demonstrated the violation of the equal employment opportunity clauses by UT Austin. Menchaca and others revealed how Hispanic Full Professors were paid approximately $25,342 less than White Full Professors, $10,647 less for Associate Professors, and $19,636 less for Assistant Professors while also receiving the lowest rates of promotion in the university, despite consistently being among the most published faculty. Provided by Wikipedia
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