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Oak Knoll Press was founded in 1978 and has served as a publisher of original works, has reprinted out of print classics, and has served as a distributor for other publisher's works in the fields of book history and bibliography. Publishing directors of Oak Knoll Press have included Paul Wakeman (1988-1996), John von Hoelle (1996-2006), Mark Parker Miller (started 2006) and later Matthew Young. A history and bibliography of Oak Knoll Press was published in 2008.

The first publication of the Press was a reprint of Bigmore and Wyman's ''A Bibliography of Printing'' issued in partnership with the Holland Press. In 1991 Oak Knoll Press started co-publishing with the British Library and for many years worked closely with their Director of publications David Way. Some important publications that came out of this partnership were:

* Tidcombe, Marianne, ''The Doves Bindery.'' 1991. * Pearson, David. ''Provenance Research in Book History,'' 1994. *Tidcombe, Marianne. ''Women Bookbinders,'' 1996 * Steinberg, Sigfrid Henry. ''Five Hundred Years of Printing,'' 1996. *Rummonds, Richard-Gabriel. ''Printing on the Iron Handpress,'' with a foreword by Harry Duncan, 1998. *Rummonds, Richard-Gabriel. ''Nineteen-Printing Practices and the Iron Handpress,'' with a foreword by Stephen O. Saxe, 2004. *Middleton, Bernard, ''A History of English Craft Bookbinding Technique,'' 2006.

In 1992 the Oak Knoll Press began co-publishing with St. Paul's Bibliographies and in 1993 Oak Knoll took over US distribution. In 1997 St. Paul's Bibliographies was purchased by Oak Knoll Press who continued many of its series under its own publishing imprint. Oak Knoll continued to issue publications under the St. Paul's Bibliographies imprint until 2015. In 2000, the Press entered into a partnership with Konstantinos Staikos and published several of his works related to libraries and their history. Notable books published by Oak Knoll have included:

*Carter, John. ''ABC for Book Collectors'' * Gaskell, Phillip. ''A New Introduction to Bibliography,'' 1995 * McKerrow, Ronald B. ''An Introduction to Bibliography for Literary Students,'' 1994. *Bowers, Feredson. ''Principles of Bibliographical Description,'' 1994.

In 2000 the press formed a partnership with Konstantinos Staikos which led to a number of publications related to Greek publishing history and the history of libraries. Notable works were ''The Great Libraries'' (2000), the five volume ''History of Libraries in Western Civilization'' (2004-2013) and in 2006, Staikos authored a special essay, "The Mirror of the Library," which was issued in a special limited edition for the 30th anniversary of Oak Knoll Press.

In addition to publishing, Oak Knoll Press distributes publications issued by organizations such as the American Antiquarian Society, the Center for Book Arts, the Bibliographical Society of America, the Bibliographical Society (London), the Codex Foundation, the Grolier Club, the John Carter Brown Library, the Library of Congress, and the Center for the Book. Provided by Wikipedia
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