Henry Roberts

Henry Roberts may refer to:

*Henry Roberts (fl. 1606), English writer *Henry Roberts (Royal Navy officer) (1756–1796), served with Captain Cook *Henry Roberts (architect) (1803–1876), architect of Fish Hall *Henry Roberts (cricketer) (1888–1963), English first class cricketer *Henry Roberts (engraver), English engraver in the 18th-century *Henry Roberts (governor) (1853–1929), American politician and Governor of Connecticut *Henry Roberts (rugby union) (1862–1949), New Zealand rugby player *Henry B. Roberts, American politician *Henry Gee Roberts (1800–1860), major general and political agent in India *Harry R. Roberts (Henry Richard Roberts, died 1924), Australian stage actor *Harry Roberts (footballer, born 1907) (Henry Roberts, 1907–1984), English footballer *B. H. Roberts (1857–1933), English-born Mormon leader *Ed Roberts (computer engineer) (Henry Edward Roberts, 1941–2010), American computer pioneer Provided by Wikipedia
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