List of Edens Zero characters

The ''Edens Zero'' manga series features an extensive cast of characters created by Hiro Mashima. The story is set in a fictional universe called the "Four Seasons Macrocosm"}}, which comprises multiple planetary systems called "cosmoses" that the protagonists navigate using the titular spaceship. The characters consist mainly of humans, robots, and aliens, the majority of which inhabit the "Sakura Cosmos".

Described as a "space fantasy" series by Mashima, ''Edens Zero'' depicts several characters that use a magic-like technique called to harness their bodies' Ether – a magical power source – like the machines of their universe. Other characters include |B・キューバー|Bī Kyūbā}}, which are users of an online video platform based on YouTube, and cyborgs, alternatively called ||Ō Tekku}} in the series. Multiple iterations of the same characters from alternate histories also feature prominently throughout the story, particularly those created by , space monsters that consume the time of planets, and others who inhabit numbered parallel universes across the multiverse.

Critics and readers have compared the characters' designs and attributes to those from Mashima's earlier series ''Fairy Tail'', some of which they noted were intentionally derivative.

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