Society of Cartographers

The Society of Cartographers (SoC) was an association of cartographers based in the United Kingdom. The Society was founded in 1964 at the University of Glasgow and was originally named the Society of University Cartographers. In 1989 the Society adopted a new title and constitution opening up membership to anyone who regularly makes maps.

The Society of Cartographers purported aim was to support and encourage all those actively involved in the production of maps – whatever the method and format of map production. It sought to do this by providing information and opportunities to contact, meet and exchange views and techniques, they hoped to support and encourage those involved in all aspects of mapmaking and maintain a high standard of cartographic illustration and quality, meaningful map production.

The Society's membership was widely drawn from the education sector, statutory institutions, local authorities, public utilities and the commercial and publishing industry. The majority of the membership was UK based, but with a significant world-wide membership.

The SoC was focused on the continual evolution of the mapping industry and how that related to overlapping disciplines (such as GIS; Graphic Design, Web mapping); how maps manifested themselves in today’s society and what that meant to the mapmakers of the day. Provided by Wikipedia
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