Dalton Trevisan

Dalton Jérson Trevisan (born 14 June 1925) is a Brazilian author of short stories. He has been described as an "acclaimed short-story chronicler of lower-class mores and popular dramas." Trevisan won the 2012 Prémio Camões, the leading Portuguese-language author prize, valued at .

His short stories are inspired in the daily life of his home city of Curitiba, though featuring characters and situations of universal meaning. His extremely concise and refined tales have been called "Haikus in prose". They are often based on dialogue, using a popular language, and underline the torturing and absurd aspects of everyday life. Often brutal, his narratives can be considered the reverse of moral tales, exposing a culture of perversion and violence underlying middle class hypocrisy.

As of 2021, only two of his books have been translated into English, ''Novels Not at All Exemplary'' and ''The Vampire of Curitiba'', both in 1972 by translator Gregory Rabassa.

His reclusive behavior, added to his longevity and the content of his work, gave him the nickname "The Vampire of Curitiba".

He graduated from the Federal University of Paraná in legal studies but seldom worked in the law profession. Provided by Wikipedia
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