John Udell

Udell's portrait from his 1856 diary, ''Incidents of Travel to California Across the Great Plains'' John Udell (22 June 1795 – 30 June 1874) was an American farmer and Baptist lay preacher who is primarily known for two detailed diaries he kept of his travels to California across the Great Plains of the United States. He traversed the overland route four times between 1850 and 1859, returning by sea on his first three trips. After his fourth and final trip to California he remained there, settling in Solano County and later in Sonoma County. His first diary, ''Incidents of Travel to California Across the Great Plains'', was published in 1856. His second diary, ''Journal of John Udell, Kept During a Trip Across the Plains'', was first published in 1859 and is an account of his last trip to California as a member of the Rose-Baley Party. Provided by Wikipedia
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