Catherine Young

Catherine Young (or similar) may refer to:

*Catharine Young (politician) (born 1960), American legislator *Catharine Young (journalist), (1826–1908), British journalist *Catharine Young (scientist), South African neuroscientist *Katherine Young (1901–2005), Chinese-American centenarian *Catherine Young (1918–1967), stage name of German-born film and television actress Kaaren Verne *Katherine K. Young (born 1944), Canadian historian and academic *Kathy Young (born 1945), American pop singer *Kathy McEdwards (née Young; born 1957), Canadian curler *Cathy Young (born 1963), Russian-born American journalist and author * Cathy Young (vocalist) (born 1951), Canadian folk singer and songwriter *Kathryn Young, American rower, see 1990 World Rowing Championships *Katie Young, American beauty pageant contestant, Miss Texas USA 1992 *Kate Young, Australian breaststroke swimmer, see 2002 Oceania Swimming Championships *Kate Young (politician), Canadian politician * Kate Young (musician), Scottish fiddle player, singer and composer, performs as Kate in the Kettle Provided by Wikipedia
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    by Young, Katharine Galloway
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    Published 1993
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