Studies in Old English literature in honor of Arthur G. Brodeur.

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Main Author: Greenfield, Stanley B.
Format: Book
Published: [Eugene] : University of Oregon Books, 1963.
Table of Contents:
  • Foreword, by S.B.Greenfield.- Aspects of microcosm and macrocosm in Old English literature, by J.E.Cross.- Maldon and the Olafsdrapa: an historical caveat, by J.B.Bessinger.- Patristics and Old English literature: notes on some poems, by M.W.Bloomfield.- The singer looks at his sources, by R.P.Creed.- Byrhtnoth and Hildebrand: a study in heroic technique, by R.W.V.Elliott.- The Christian perspective in Beowulf, by M.E.Goldsmith.-Beowulf and epic tragedy, by S.B.Greenfield.- Two English Frauenlieder, by K.Malone.-Two Anglo-Saxon harps, by C.L.Wrenn.- The Beowulf poet and the tragic muse, by A. Bonjour.- Haethenra Hyht in Beowulf, by E.G.Stanley.- Strange sauce from Worcester, by H.D.Meritt.- "He that will not when he may; when he will shall have nay," by A.Taylor.- Episcopal magnificence in the eleventh century, by D.Bethurum.- The subjectivity of the
  • style of Beowulf, by G.Storms.- The fall of man in Genesis B and the Mystere d'Adam, by R.Woolf.- "Hygelac" and "Hygd," by R.E.Kaske.- The flood narrative in the Junius manuscript and in Baltic literature, by F.L.Utley.- The edged teeth, by F.G.Cassidy.- The heroic oath in Beowulf, the Chanson de Roland, and the Nibelungenlied, by A.Renoir.