Epithelial organization and development /

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Other Authors: Fleming, Tom P.
Format: Book
Published: London ; New York : Chapman & Hall, 1992.
Edition:1st ed.
Table of Contents:
  • Intercellular junctions and cell adhesion in epithelial cells
  • Shaping an epithelial cell: the role of cell adhesion molecules in the reorganization of the membrane cytoskeleton
  • Biogenetic pathways and targeting signals in polarized epithelia
  • Trophectoderm biogenesis in the preimplantation mouse embryo
  • Formation and fate of the blastoderm epithelium of the Drosophila embryo
  • Development of kidney epithelial cells
  • Development of the insect malpighian tubule
  • Establishment and maintenance of hepatocyte surface polarity
  • Cytoskeletal components in intestinal brush border morphogenesis: an evaluation of their function
  • Role of yolk sac and gut epithelial cells in maternal immunoglobulin transport
  • Cell adhesion and the basement membrane in early epidermal morphogenesis
  • Functional interplay between extracellular matrix and extracellular matrix-degrading proteinases in the mammary gland: a coordinate system for regulating mammary epithelial function
  • Salivary epithelium branching morphogenesis.