The Sky in Mayan literature /

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Other Authors: Aveni, Anthony F.
Format: Book
Published: New York : Oxford University Press, 1992.
Table of Contents:
  • Introduction: making time / Anthony F. Aveni
  • the road of light: theory and practice of Mayan skywatching / Barbara Tedlock
  • A method for cross-dating almanacs with tables in the Dresden Codex / Victoria R. Bricker, Harvey M. Bricker
  • The moon and the Venus table: an example of commensuration in the Maya calendar / Aveni
  • Eclipse cycles in the moon goddess almanacs in the Dresden Codex / Charles A. Hofling, Thomas O'Neil
  • Some parallels in the astronomical events recorded in the Maya codices and inscriptions / Michael P. Closs
  • Zodiacal references in the Maya codices and inscriptions / H. Bricker, V. Bricker.
  • A derivation of the Mayan-to-Julian calendar correlation from the Dresden Codex Venus chronology / Floyd G. Lounsbury
  • A solution for the number of the Mayan Venus table / Lounsbury
  • The books of Chilam Balam: astronomical content and the Paris Codex / Merideth Paxton
  • Myth, math, and the problem of correlation in Mayan books / Tedlock
  • Lessons of the Mayan sky: a perspective from medieval Europe / Charles O. Frake.