Idioms : structural and psychological perspectives /

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Format: Book
Published: Hillsdale, N.J. : L. Erlbaum Associates, 1995.
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Table of Contents:
  • Introduction / Martin Everaert, Erik-Jan van der Linden, Andre Schenk, and Rob Schreuder
  • The flexibility of French idioms: a representation with lexicalized tree adjoining grammar / Anne Abeille
  • Imagining idiomatic expressions: literal or figurative meaning / Cristina Cacciari, Sam Glucksberg
  • Specialization and reinterpretation in idioms / Dirk Geeraerts
  • En Bloc insertion / Frank van Gestel
  • Idiomaticity and human cognition / Raymond W. Gibbs, Jr.
  • Idiomatic expressions and their role in the organization of topic transition in conversation / Paul Drew and Elizabeth Holt
  • The boundaries of the Lexicon / Ray Jackendoff
  • Phrasemes in language and phraseology in linguistics / Igor Melcuk
  • Semantics of idiom modification / Tim Nicolas
  • The syntactic behavior of idioms / Andre Schenk
  • The activation of idiomatic meaning / Patrizia Tabossi and Francesco Zardon
  • You don't die immediately when you kick an empty bucket: a processing view on semantic and syntactic characteristics of idioms / Marlies E. C. Van de Voort and Wietske Vonk
  • Idiomatic blocking and the elsewhere principle / Henk Zeevat.