Neoconservatism : the autobiography of an idea /

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Main Author: Kristol, Irving
Format: Book
Published: New York : Free Press, [1995]
Table of Contents:
  • An autobiographical memoir
  • Race, sex, and family. Welfare : the best of intentions, the worst of results
  • The tragedy of "multiculturalism"
  • Reflections on love and family
  • Men, women, and sex
  • AIDS and false innocence
  • Life without father
  • From adversary culture to counterculture. American intellectuals and foreign policy
  • Capitalism, socialism, and nihilism
  • The adversary culture of intellectuals
  • The cultural revolution and the capitalist future
  • Countercultures
  • On capitalism and the democratic idea. Machiavelli and the profanation of politics
  • About equality
  • The frustrations of affluence
  • Utopianism, ancient and modern
  • Social reform : gains and losses
  • Business and the "new class"
  • Corporate capitalism in America
  • On conservatism and capitalism
  • The American Revolution as a successful revolution
  • What is "social justice?"
  • Adam Smith and the spirit of capitalism
  • Socialism : an obituary for an idea
  • The conservative prospect. American historians and the democratic idea
  • Urban civilization and its discontents
  • The Republican future
  • "The stupid party"
  • The emergence of two Republican parties
  • The new populism : not to worry
  • The coming "conservative century"
  • The new face of American politics
  • America's "exceptional conservatism"
  • On Jews. God and the psychoanalysts
  • Einstein : the passion of pure reason
  • Is Jewish humor dead?
  • Christianity, Judaism, and socialism
  • The future of American Jewry
  • Some backward glances. Memoirs of a "cold warrior"
  • Memoirs of a Trotskyist
  • My cold war.