The deetkatoo : Native American stories about little people /

Twenty-two stories retold from fourteen Native-American groups from Alaska to mid-South America. Little people predate the Europeans in the Western Hemisphere. They live in forests, in water, underground, and on mountains.

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Other Authors: Bierhorst, John
Format: Book
Published: New York : William Morrow and Co., [1998]
Table of Contents:
  • Weaker and weaker (Inuit)
  • Three wishes (Mohawk)
  • Proud-woman and all-kinds-of-trees (Seneca)
  • Girl who married the little man (Inuit)
  • Little ones and their mouse helpers (Cherokee)
  • All are my friends (Yurok)
  • Little house in the deep water (Cherokee)
  • Boy who married the little woman (Maliseet)
  • Two bad friends (Inuit)
  • Little people who build the temples (Maya)
  • How the dead came back (Cherokee)
  • Little man who married the whirlwind (Seneca)
  • Rainmakers' apprentice (Nahua)
  • Thunder's two sisters (Cherokee)
  • Smallest bow (Seneca)
  • Little woman who taught pottery (Toba)
  • Hunter who lost his luck (Seneca/Cayuga)
  • Star husbands (Passamaquoddy)
  • Twelve little women (Lenape)
  • Talking tree (Yaqui)
  • Deetkatoo (Tillamook)
  • Guide to tribes and cultures
  • Guide to the lore of little people.