Table of Contents:
  • Irish famine emigrants and the passage trade to North America / William A. Spray
  • The ties that bind : the family networks of famine refugees at the du Pont powder mills, 1802-1902 / Margaret M. Mulrooney
  • The spirit of manifest destiny : the American government and famine Ireland, 1845-1849 / Timothy J. Sarbaugh
  • "An unprecedented influx" : nativism and Irish famine immigration to Canada / Scott W. See
  • "Celtic exodus" : the famine Irish, ethnic stereotypes, and the cultivation of American racial nationalism / Dale T. Knobel
  • Irish American drama of the 1850s : national identity, "otherness," and assimilation / Stephen Watt
  • In the famine's shadow : an Irish immigrant from West Kerry to South Dakota, 1881-1979 / Kerby A. Miller
  • The legacy of Irish emigration to the Canadas in 1847 / Cecil J. Houston and William J. Smyth.