New perspectives on the first Americans /

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Other Authors: Lepper, Bradley Thomas, 1955-, Bonnichsen, Robson
Format: Book
Published: College Station, TX : Center for the Study of the First Americans : [2004]
Table of Contents:
  • New perspectives on the first Americans : introductory remarks / Bradley Lepper and Robson Bonnichsen
  • Middle- and late-Pleistocene archaeology of the Manix Basin, San Bernardino County, California / Fred E. Budinger, Jr.
  • Current archaeological evidence of late-Pleistocene settlement of South America / Ruth Gruhn
  • Quandary : the Clovis phenomenon, the first Americans, and the view from Patagonia / Laura L. Miotti
  • Pre-Clovis occupation of southeastern Wisconsin / David F. Overstreet
  • Clovis-era archaeology in northern New Hampshire : the Israel River complex / Richard A. Boisvert
  • Lahontan chronology and early human occupation in the western Great Basin : a new look at old collections / Amy J. Dansie and Wm. Jerry Jerrems
  • Florida Paleoindian points and knives / James S. Dunbar and C. Andrew Hemmings
  • Clovis age in calendar years : 13,500-13,000 CALYBP / Stuart J. Fiedel
  • Mastodons, mammoths, and humans in the North American mid-continent / Daniel C. Fisher
  • Florida's early-Paleoindian bone and ivory tools / C. Andrew Hemmings, James S. Dunbar, and S. David Webb
  • Clovis in the southwestern United States / Bruce B. Huckell
  • Clovis and beyond : then and now / Kenneth B. Tankersley
  • Lithic technology of the Little River Clovis Complex, Christian County, Kentucky / Carl Yahnig
  • Paleoindian occupation in the southeastern United States / David G. Anderson
  • Kennewick Man : a Paleoamerican skeleton from the northwestern U.S. / James C. Chatters
  • Paleoamerican skeletal features surviving into the late Plains Archaic / George W. Gill and Carlos J. Jimenez
  • Enigmatic origins of Paleoindians / Alice M. Haeussler
  • Molecular anthropological view of the peopling of the Americas / Theodore G. Schurr
  • Perishable fiber artifacts and the first Americans : new implications / J.M. Adovasio, D.C. Hyland, and O. Soffer
  • Frame analysis : a fluted preform from Munsungun Lake, Maine / Kevin T. Goodrich and Robson Bonnichsen
  • mtDNA identification of Native American remains : assessing a biological basis for establishing cultural affiliation / Frederick L. Briuer, Herb Fredrickson, and Emily Davis
  • Rock art and the peopling of the New World / Alice M. Tratebas
  • Role of geoarchaeology in the search for the first Americans / Michael R. Waters
  • Delicate balance : the Society for American Archaeology and the development of a national repatriation policy / Keith W. Kintigh
  • Public policy and prehistory / Alan L. Schneider
  • Public policy, academic archaeology, and the first Americans / Bradley T. Lepper
  • Public policy and Native Americans : how do we go from here? / Joe Watkins
  • Search for the first Americans : perspectives and prospects / Alan L. Bryan
  • Fundamentals in early-Paleoindian research for the future / Michael B. Collins.