Table of Contents:
  • Pt. I. Situation nature. Introduction: the pragmatics of nature and the situation of law ; The nature of modern political discourse: doing things with nature ; The natures of scientific discourse ; The natures of legal discourse ; The natures of legal practice
  • Pt. II. Rendering nature. It's a slippery slope: law and the forces of nature ; Doctrinal wilderness and the path of interpretation: law and wilderness ; Wild justice and the endangerment of meaning: law and endangered species ; Puka's choice: law and animal experimentation ; Fear of falling: law and bestiality ; The births of nature and tradition: law and reproductive technologies ; Doctrinal mutations at the edge of meaning: law and genetic screening ; Return of the beast within: law and biological criminal defenses ; Controlling dreams: law and the involuntary medication of prisoners
  • Pt. III. Judging nature. Beyond "nature": the material life of the legal.