A companion to the ancient Near East /

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Other Authors: Snell, Daniel C.
Format: Book
Published: Malden, MA : Blackwell Pub., 2005.
Series:Blackwell companions to the ancient world. Ancient history.
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Table of Contents:
  • Part I, The shape of the Ancient Near East. Historical overview / Mario Liverani
  • From sedentism to states, 10,000 to 3000 BCE / Augusta McMahon
  • The age of empires, 3100-900 BCE / Mark Chavalas
  • World hegemony, 900-300 BCE / Paul-Alain Beaulieu
  • Part II, Discourses on methods. Archaeology and the Ancient Near East : methods and limits / Marie-Henriette Gates
  • The languages of the Ancient Near East / Gonzalo Rubio
  • The historian's task / Daniel C. Snell
  • Part III, Economy and society. The degradation of the Ancient Near Eastern environment / Carlos E. Cordova
  • Nomadism through the ages / Jorge Silva Castillo
  • Mesopotamian cities and countryside / Elizabeth C. Stone
  • Money and trade / Christopher M. Monroe
  • Working / David A. Warburton
  • Law and practice / Bruce Wells
  • Social tensions in the Ancient Near East / John F. Robertson
  • Gender roles in ancient Egypt / Ann Macy Roth
  • Royal women and the exercise of power / Sarah C. Melville
  • Warfare in ancient Egypt / Anthony J. Spalinger
  • Part IV, Culture. The transmission of knowledge / Benjamin R. Foster
  • Literature / Tawny L. Holm
  • Ancient Near Eastern architecture / Sally Dunham
  • Mesopotamian art / Marian H. Feldman
  • Mesopotamian medicine / Joann Scurlock
  • Mesopotamian cosmology / Francesca Rochberg
  • Divine and non-divine kingship / Philip Jones
  • How religion was done / Gary Beckman
  • Part V, Heritage of the Ancient Near East. The invention of the individual / Daniel C. Snell
  • Ethnicity / Henri Limet
  • Public versus private in the Ancient Near East / Steven Garfinkle
  • Democracy and freedom / Matthew Martin III and Daniel C. Snell
  • Monotheism and ancient Israelite religion / S. David Sperling
  • The decipherment of the Ancient Near East / Peter T. Daniels
  • Legacies of the Ancient Near East / Daniel C. Snell.