Johnson after 300 years /

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Other Authors: Clingham, Greg, Smallwood, Philip
Format: Book
Published: Cambridge ; New York : Cambridge University Press, 2009.
Table of Contents:
  • Introduction: Johnson now and in time
  • "We are perpetually moralists": Johnson and moral philosophy / Fred parker
  • Johnson, ends, and the possibility of happiness / Greg Clingham
  • Johnson and the modern: the forward face of Janus / Howard D. Weinbrot
  • Samuel Johnson's politics of contingency / Clement Hawes
  • Fideism, the antisublime, and the faithful imagination in Rasselas / David F. Venturo
  • Samuel Johnson's legal thought / J.T. Scanlan
  • The life of Johnson, "The life of Johnson", the "Lives" of Johnson / Jack Lynch
  • The awkward Johnson / David Fairer
  • Johnson's criticism, the arts, and the idea of art / Philip Smallwood
  • Toil and envy: unsuccessful responses to Johnson's Lives of the poets / Adam Rounce
  • Early women reading Johnson / Isobel Grundy
  • Johnson and Austen / Freya Johnston
  • The works of Samuel Johnson and the canon / O.M. Brack, Jr.
  • What Johnson means to me / David Ferry.