Young adult literature : from romance to realism /

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Main Author: Cart, Michael
Format: Book
Published: Chicago : American Library Association, 2010
Table of Contents:
  • From Sue Barton to the sixties : what's in a name? and other uncertainties
  • The sixties and the seventies : the rise of realism and the first golden age
  • The eighties : something old, something new : the rise of the paperback series, multicultural literature, and political correctness
  • The early nineties : a near-death experience
  • The rest of the nineties : revival and renaissance
  • A new literature for a new millennium? The renaissance continues
  • Romancing the retail : of series, superstores, Harry Potter, and such
  • So, how adult is young adult? The crossover conundrum
  • Back in the real world : immigration, mixed race, and other new realities of teen life
  • Sex and other shibboleths : YA comes of age, and not a moment too soon
  • Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender literature : the controversies continue
  • The viz biz : transforming the funnies
  • The eyes have it : other visual forms : photoessays and the new nonfiction
  • Of books and bytes : multiple literacies, the death of print, and other imponderables.