Interdisciplinary perspectives on the authority of scripture : historical, biblical, and theoretical perspectives /

A bold and high quality reflection on how to hold a 'high view' of Scripture once the notion of 'infallibility' is perforce given up.

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Format: Book
Published: Eugene, Or. : Pickwick Publications, [2011]
Table of Contents:
  • No creed but the Bible, no authority without the church : American evangelicals and the errors of inerrancy / D.G. Hart
  • The subordination of Scripture to human reason at old Princeton / Paul Seely
  • The Modernist-Fundamentalist controversy, the inerrancy of Scripture, and the development of American Dispensationalism / Todd Mangum
  • The cost of prestige : E.J. Carnell's quest for intellectual orthodoxy / Seth Dowland
  • "Inerrancy, a paradigm in crisis" / Carlos R. Bovell
  • Inerrancy and evangelical Old Testament scholarship : challenges and the way forward / J. Daniel Hays
  • Theological diversity in the Old Testament as burden or divine gift? : problems and perspectives in the current debate / Richard Schultz
  • "But Jesus believed that David wrote the Psalms ... " / Stephen Dawes
  • Some thoughts on theological exegesis of the Old Testament : toward a viable model of biblical coherence and relevance / Peter Enns
  • Inerrantist scholarship on Daniel : a valid historical enterprise? / Stephen Young
  • The implications of New Testament pseudonymy for a doctrine of Scripture / Stanley E. Porter
  • Issues in forming a doctrine of inspiration / Craig Allert
  • How evangelicals became overcommitted to the Bible and what can be done about it / J.P. Moreland
  • Biblical authority : a social scientist's perspective / Brian Malley
  • Authority redux : epistemology, philosophy of science, and theology / Christian Early
  • Scripture and prayer : participating in God / Harriet A. Harris
  • "A certain similarity to the devil" : historical criticism and Christian faith / Gregory Dawes
  • Critical dislocation and missional relocation : Scripture's evangelical homecoming / Telford Work.