Arab spring dreams : the next generation speaks out for freedom and justice from North Africa to Iran /

"During the Arab Spring, the world saw a long-suppressed group in the Middle East--young people--assert itself and demand its rights. But youthful dissent did not appear overnight; for decades it has been simmering beneath the surface in countries from Saudi Arabia to Yemen, from Iran to Egypt....

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Other Authors: Ahmari, Sohrab, Weddady, Nasser
Format: Book
Published: New York : Palgrave Macmillan, 2012.
Edition:1st ed.
Table of Contents:
  • Foreward / Gloria Steinem
  • Introduction : a new generation of reformers speaks out
  • "I am not Ayman!"
  • Monologue with the prince
  • Living inside 1984
  • Leaving Ahlam behind
  • Seeking salvation
  • Citizen or subject?
  • At the polling station
  • Memoirs of an Egyptian citizen
  • My medal of blasphemy
  • The shredded exam card
  • The Eid al-Adha bribe
  • The tragedy of my lover
  • Art in a cage
  • Black like me
  • A Persian grandmother in Tokyo
  • Breaking news : MP reveals herself as banned poet
  • The sacred membrane
  • The cat at the border crossing
  • Women in a maze
  • Women unwelcome
  • The closing of my anonymous blog
  • Hijacking the school play
  • Heaven is beneath mothers' feet
  • My sacred no!
  • Contaminating minds
  • Breaking news : Eqyptian apostate refuses asylum
  • Every prayer is a gift
  • "The land is for all"
  • Triumph of the half-naked
  • Breaking through the Shari'a loophole
  • Student liberation front
  • Dreams in a drawer
  • "Iran, I will build you again"
  • Undermining Decree Six
  • Driving toward equality
  • Just another day in 2013
  • Anonymous no more
  • Conclusion : our dream deferred
  • Coeditors
  • Acknowledgments
  • Index.