Rap and hip-hop /

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Other Authors: Thompson, Tamara (Editor)
Format: Book
Published: Detroit : Greenhaven Press, [2013]
Series:Current controversies.
Table of Contents:
  • Overview: hip-hop has had a global impact / Marcyliena Morgan and Dionne Bennett
  • Hip-hop defines today's youth culture worldwide / Dalton Higgins
  • Hip-hop is a powerful force for global sociopolitical change / Sujatha Fernandez
  • American rap has lost its political voice to apathy / Mark Gunn
  • Rap lyrics are a literary art form / Alexs Pate
  • Overview: the hip-hop generation / J.D. Gravenor
  • Rap music is harmful to African American communities / E. Faye Williams
  • Girls are especially vulnerable to hip-hop's hypersexual message / Beatrice Koehler-Derrick
  • Rap has the potential to expose social injustice / Jeff Chang
  • American rap can promote political empowerment / Lester Spence
  • Hip-hop gives youths a needed outlet for self-expression / Carolee Walker
  • Overview: rap lyrics face scrutiny / Brian Garrity
  • Rap music objectifies, degrades, and exploits Black women / Tracy Sharpley-Whiting
  • Take the debate over degrading rap videos off mute / Michele Goodwin
  • Hip-hop feminism can change the hip-hop community and society / Akoto Ofori-Atta
  • The hip-hop community works to address misogyny issues / Davey D
  • Overview: the complex debate about violence and rap / Tricia Rose
  • The rap music industry exploits violence for profit / L. Brent Bozell III
  • Violent rap lyrics make listeners more accepting of violence / Karen Dill
  • Violent rap lyrics do not affect listener behavior or attitudes / Jennifer Copley
  • Gangsta rappers can be effective violence prevention messengers / Shoshana Walter.