Table of Contents:
  • From cultural traits to global processes: methods for a critical comparative ethnography
  • Geography of desire: social space, sexual projects, and the organization of extramarital sex in rural Mexico / Jennifer S. Hirsch
  • Gender inequality, culture, and the social risks of modern marriage: men's infidelity and women's vulnerability to HIV infection in southeastern Nigeria / Daniel Jordan Smith
  • Eaten ones fill and all stirred up: Doi Moi and the re-configuration of masculine sexual risk and men's extramarital sex in Vietnam / Harriet M. Phinney
  • Whip him in the head with a stick! Marriage, male infidelity, and female confrontation among the Huli / Holly Wardlow
  • Going public: modern wives , men's infidelity and marriage in Southeastern Uganda / Shanti Parikh
  • Conclusion: "World enough and time": navigating opportunities and risks in the landscape of desire.