Table of Contents:
  • Women of color and research : a historical and contemporary context / Diane S. Pollard
  • Making intellectual space : self-determination and indigenous research / Frances V. Rains
  • Reflections on the process of becoming an academician / Barbara K. Curry
  • Language, literacy and culture : intersections and implications / Sonia Nieto
  • The outsider within multicultural education : understanding the field from a marginalized viewpoint / Valerie Ooka Pang
  • Seeing with the cultural eye : different perspectives of African American teachers and researchers / Jacqueline Jordan Irvine
  • Response to papers on "from center to margins" : the importance of self-definition in research / Maxine Greene
  • Making the familiar strange : inclusion, exclusion and erasure : summarizing the philosophies of women researchers of color / Olga M. Welch.