Memoirs of the International congress of anthropology /

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Main Author: Wake, C. Staniland (Charles Staniland), 1835-1910
Corporate Author: International congress of anthropology
Format: Conference Proceeding Book
Published: Chicago : The Schulte Publishing Co., 1894.
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100 1 |a Wake, C. Staniland  |q (Charles Staniland),  |d 1835-1910. 
245 1 0 |a Memoirs of the International congress of anthropology /  |c Ed. by C. Staniland Wake, on behalf of the publication committee. 
264 1 |a Chicago :  |b The Schulte Publishing Co.,  |c 1894. 
300 |a 1 page ., v-xix, 19-375 pages :  |b illustrations, 6 plates ;  |c 25 cm. 
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505 0 |a Brinton, D.G. The "nation" as an element in anthropology.--Boas, F. The anthropology of the North American Indian.--West, G.M. The anthropometry of American school children.--Mercer, H.C. The discovery of an artificially flaked flint specimen in the quaternary gravels of San Isidro, Spain.--Mason, O.T. Aboriginal American mechanics.--Perkins G.H. Archæological researches in the Champlain Valley.--Smith, H.I. Anthroplogical work at the University of Michigan.--Montes, E. The antiquity of the civilization of Peru.--Lumholtz, C. Cave-dwellers of the Sierra Madre.--Lewis, A.L. Orientation.--Phené, J.S.D. The Tumuli of Hampshire as a central group of the tumuli of Britain.-- Holmes, W.H. Natural history of flaked stone implements.--Volk, E. Cache finds from ancient village sites in New Jersey.--Brinton D.G. On various supposed relations between the American and Asian races.--Hough, W. Bark cloth.--Fletcher, A.C. Love songs among the Omaha Indians. 
500 |a --Fillmore, J.C. Primitive scales and rhythms.--Peet, S.D. Secret societies and sacred mysteries.--Richardson, C.H. Observations among the Cameroon tribes of West Central Africa.--Mason, O.T. Ethnological exhibit of the Smithsonian Institution at the World's Columbian exposition.--Cushing, F.H. The germ of shoreland pottery.--Newell, W.W. Ritual regarded as the dramatization of myth.--Mathews, W. Some illustrations of the connection between myth and ceremony.--Hale. H. The fall of Hochelaga.--Kunz, G.F. Folk-lore of precious stones.--Chamberlain, A.F. The coyote and the owl.--Jastrow, M. The scope and method of the historical study of religions.--Stevenson, S.Y. An ancient Egyptian rite illustrating a phase of primitive thought.--Stevenson, M.C. A chapter of Zuñi mythology.--Parry, F. The religious symbolism of Central America and its wide distribution.--Adler, C. Museum collections to illustrate religious history and ceremonials. 
500 |a --Brinton,D.G. The present status of American linguistics.--Boas, F. Classification of the languages of the North Pacific Coast.--Hassler, E. Die bewohner des Gran-Chaco, Paraguay.--Kraus, F.S. Vilen als heilkundige im volkglauben der Suedslaven. 
650 0 |a Anthropology. 
711 2 |a International congress of anthropology  |d (1893 :  |c Chicago) 
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