Fruit ripening : physiology, signalling and genomics /

This book, divided into four parts, aims to gather comprehensive and concise information on the advances in fruit research. Part one focuses on physiology and metabolism. Part two deals with fruit nutritional quality and part three with signalling and hormonal control of fruit ripening. Part four co...

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Other Authors: Bouzayen, Mondher (Editor), Mattoo, Autar (Editor), Nath, P. (Pravendra) (Editor), Pech, J. C. (Jean Claude) (Editor)
Format: eBook
Published: Wallingford, Oxfordshire, UK : CABI, 2014.
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Table of Contents:
  • Climacteric and Non-climacteric Ripening / Kyoko Hiwasa-Tanase and Hiroshi Ezura
  • Fruit Ripening : Primary Metabolism / Sonia Osorio and Alisdair R. Fernie
  • Cellular, Metabolic and Molecular Aspects of Chromoplast Differentiation in Ripening Fruit / Jean Claude Pech, Mondher Bouzayen and Alain Latché
  • Cell-wall Metabolism and Softening during Ripening / Mark L. Tucker
  • Aroma Volatiles / Bo Zhang and Kun-Song Chen
  • Making the Surface of Fleshy Fruit : Biosynthesis, Assembly and Role of the Cuticular Layer / Justin Lashbrooke, Fabrizio Costa and Asaph Aharoni
  • Antioxidants and Bioactive Compounds in Fruits / Angelos K. Kanellis and George A. Manganaris
  • Vitamins in Fleshy Fruits / Pierre Baldet, Carine Ferrand and Christophe Rothan
  • Polyphenols / Agnès Ageorges, Véronique Cheynier and Nancy Terrier
  • Ethylene Biosynthesis / Donald Grierson
  • Ethylene Perception and Signalling in Ripening Fruit / Rahul Kumar and Arun K. Sharma
  • Other Hormonal Signals during Ripening / Christopher Davies and Christine Böttcher
  • Genetic Diversity of Tropical Fruit / Surendra Kumar Malik, Susheel Kumar and Kailash C. Bansal
  • Natural Diversity and Genetic Control of Fruit Sensory Quality / Bénédicte Quilot-Turion and Mathilde Causse
  • Ripening Mutants / Cornelius S. Barry
  • Biotechnology of Fruit Quality / Avtar K. Handa, Raheel Anwar and Autar K. Mattoo
  • Insights into Plant Epigenome Dynamics / James Giovannoni
  • Functional Genomics for the Study of Fruit Ripening and Quality : Towards an Integrative Approach / Federico Martinelli and Abhaya Dandekar.