Of mice and men : animals in human culture /

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Other Authors: Batra, Nandita, Messier, Vartan P.
Format: Book
Published: Newcastle upon Tyne : Cambridge Scholars, 2009.
Table of Contents:
  • Of mice and men : the aporia of the animal-human (dis)continuum / Nandita Batra and Vartan P. Messier
  • Furry soul mates, aloof birds, pesky rodents : liminality, animal rescue films and Sarah Orne Jewett / Priscilla Paton
  • Calling "them" by Timothy Treadwell's pet names : cultural implications of "cute" grizzly bears / Taylor Joy Mitchell
  • After God, we owed the victory to the horses: the evolution of the equine companion from Veillantif to Arondel / H├ęctor A. Segarra Soto
  • Real behaviorists don't wear furs / Anderson Brown
  • "I do not want the judgment of any man" : the unstable animal-human boundary in linguistics and Kafka's A report to an academy / Clare Callahan
  • Rhetoric and representation in popular science texts: uses of anthropomorphism in Rachel Carson's Under the sea wind / Sarah Perrault
  • Dreaming of electric sheep and negotiating animality / Claire Molloy
  • Animality of the text : parasitic narrative and the aporia of animal death in J.M. Coetzee's Disgrace / Irina V.L. Wender
  • Un-disciplined creatures : animal and human "becomings" in CSI: Miami / Patrick West
  • Bugman and modernity : to be It in Western horror and Eastern Wuwo (no self) / Sheng-mei Ma
  • Of animals and transgression in Kurosawa's Dreams / Servanne Woodward
  • Animality and the degree zero of desire : a psychoanalytic reading of the Buddhist parable The story of Du Zicun / Lili Hsieh
  • "Raging beasts" : performative gender in The jungle book / Wynn Yarborough
  • Myths of loss, myths of power : disappearing animals in American Indian stories / Melanie Martin
  • "Only and animal, nothing human" : menagerie as counter-hegemony in Timothy Findley's Not wanted on the voyage / Vincent J. Guihan.