Tacit knowledge - post studio ; Tacit knowledge - feminism : California Institute of the Arts 1970-77 /

'Tacit Knowledge' provides an insight into the complex artistic and educational practices that characterized the first decade of the California Institute of the Arts (CalArts). There is a special focus on the conceptual and feminist strategies developed in and from John Baldessari's P...

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Main Author: Albrecht, Kim (Author)
Other Authors: Lehmann, Annette Jael (Editor)
Format: Book
Published: Leipzig : Spector Books, 2019.
Edition:First edition.
Table of Contents:
  • Post Studio. Note by the editor ; Statements
  • Interview: With Verena Kittel & Annette Jael Lehmann
  • Case study: Education: in and out of the classroom
  • Document: Paulo Freire : Pedagogy of the oppressed
  • Document: The CalArts story, Walt Disney Productions
  • Case study: Movements of the L.A. art scene in the 1960s
  • Document: Peter Plagens : Reviews of West Coast art exhibitions
  • Case study: I will not make any more boring art: prehistory
  • Document: CalArts bulletin
  • Briefing: The shift from radical pedagogy: conceptual and structural upheavals
  • Case study: John Baldessari and the dissolution of the teacher-student relationship
  • Document: John Baldessari : CalArts Post-Studio art: class assignments (Optional)
  • Briefing: I think that's the closest you get : John Baldessari's assignments
  • Document: Michael Polanyi : The tacit dimension
  • Case study: John Baldessari throwing three balls in the air to get a straight line and other works from the 1970s
  • Case study: Unrealized projects
  • Biography: Alison Knowles
  • Biography: Barbara Bloom
  • Case study: A situation where art might happen
  • Biography: Wolfgang Stoerchle
  • Biography: Matt Mullican
  • Case study: Playing with words and images
  • Briefing: The status of instructional letters in conceptual art
  • Biography: John Baldessari
  • Case study: The seriality of reenactments: I will not make any more boring art
  • Biography: James Welling
  • Document: Jack Goldstein : Exhibition announcement, Mizuno Gallery
  • Biography: Jack Goldstein
  • Briefing: How to teach your students about conceptual art
  • Briefing: Delegated performances
  • Briefing: I will not make any more boring art travelling and appropriation
  • Briefing: Performative repetition in conceptual art
  • Document: Daniel Buren : The function of the studio
  • Case study: Appropriation art
  • Interview: With Philipp Kaiser & Christina VĂ©gh
  • Outtakes ; Endnotes ; Image rights ; Imprint
  • CalArts data portraiture
  • Feminism. Note by the editor ; Statements
  • Briefing: The Feminist Art Program at CalArts
  • Case study: Art out of experience : Judy Chicago'a assignments at the Feminist Art Programs at Fresno and CalArts
  • Document: Shulamith Firestone, Anne Koedt : Notes from the second year: women's liberation major writings of the radical feminists
  • Biography: Judy Chicago
  • Document: Womanhouse exhibition announcements
  • Biography: Nancy Youdelman
  • Biography: Karen Lecocq
  • Case study: Womanhouse: construction process
  • Document: Paulo Freire : Pedagogy of the oppressed
  • Biography: Miriam Schapiro
  • Insert: Memory theater
  • Interview: With Kim Albrecht & Jeffrey Schnapp
  • Biography: Faith Wilding
  • Document: Faith Wilding : Duration performance: the economy of feminized maintenance work
  • Case study: Womanhouse: sexuality
  • Case study: Womanhouse: birth and motherhood
  • Case study: Womanhouse: nurturant kitchen
  • Case study: Womanhouse: domesticity and privacy
  • Case study: Womanhouse: Dollhouse
  • Womanhouse: body & beauty
  • Document: Johanna Demetrakas : Womanhouse
  • Document: Cover of the first issue of Womanspace journal
  • Case study: Ablutions: a collaborative performance
  • Case study: Ulrike Rosenbach and the L.A. feminist art scene
  • Biography: Suzanne Lacy
  • Briefing: A three-week-long performance
  • Case study: Three weeks in May: performances
  • Briefing: Community building
  • Briefing: Suzanne Lacy, Three weeks in May: She who would fly
  • Case study: Three weeks in May : art in public & participation
  • Briefing: Site specificity in art
  • Briefing: Public art
  • Briefing: Suzanne Lacy : reenactments & reception : Three weeks in January: end rape in Los Angeles
  • Document: Paula Harper : The first Feminist Art Program. A view from the 1980s
  • Biography: Vanalyne Green
  • Document: Video and myth, exhibition at MoMA
  • Briefing: Subrosa : Faith Wilding and cyberfeminism
  • Briefing: The art world is part of the real world
  • Document: Michael Polanyi : The tacit dimension
  • Briefing: Women house : an exhibition 46 years after Womanhouse
  • Document: Judith Adler : artists in offices: an ethnography of an academic art scene
  • Outtakes ; Endnotes ; Image rights ; Imprint.