Build yourself a boat /

This is about what grows through the wreckage. This is an anthem of survival and a look at what might come after. A view of what floats and what, ultimately, sustains. Build Yourself a Boat redefines the language of collective and individual trauma through lyric and memory.

Bibliographic Details
Main Author: Felix, Camonghne (Author)
Format: Book
Published: Chicago, Illinois : Haymarket Books, 2019.
Series:BreakBeat poets series.
Table of Contents:
  • Lost poem 4: Rx
  • Contouring the Flattening
  • Cutting w/ JB
  • Imagine??? My sister an astronaut???
  • Google search keywords:
  • Things the block taught me
  • White house
  • Statement from Camonghne Felix on the murders of Jesse Washington, Stephon Clark and her attempt to understand the psychology of lynching:
  • Thank God I can't drive
  • Zimmerman testimonies: Day 1
  • Zimmerman testimonies: Day 2
  • Cutting w/ JB
  • Google search keywords:
  • Cutting w/ JB
  • Trap queen
  • On entropy
  • Statement of being lonely vs. alone
  • Lost poem #5: I won't even ask why
  • Or, it's all in my head
  • Google search keywords:
  • Lesson, unmitigated
  • No relief
  • Mirror talk
  • Police
  • Grocery
  • Sleeping on Adderall
  • Zimmerman testimonies: Day 4
  • Tonya Harding's fur fox
  • No shade, though
  • "But in what way does the blending of two slightly different cells bring about such a renewal of life?"
  • Freud
  • Cutting w/ JB
  • After the abortion, an older white Planned Parenthood volunteer asks if my husband is here & squeezes my thigh and says, "You made the right decision," and then "Look what could happen if Trump were president, I mean, you might not even be here."
  • Beer pong
  • Zimmerman testimonies: Day 5
  • When I say the hood made me, I mean:
  • Willing in the Orisha
  • "But there were times when you offered your consent with older men. You chose them & you were not afraid. Why not?"
  • Freud
  • Yes, it is possible.