God is change : religious practices and ideologies in the works of Octavia Butler /

Octavia Butler's fictional worlds show the potential of religion to connect, heal or liberate. Contributors explore the bases of these potentials in the many religious traditions Butler draws on, the forms they take in her stories and the work they do to heal trauma and violence.

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Other Authors: Nanda, Aparajita (Editor), Crosby, Shelby, 1974- (Editor)
Format: Book
Published: Philadelphia : Temple University Press, [2021]
Table of Contents:
  • Religious science fiction: Butler's changing God / Gregory Hampton
  • Trans-religious world-building: Hindu evocations in Octavia Butler's Lilith's brood / Aparajita Nanda
  • God Is change, impermanence is Buddha nature: religious syncretism in Butler's Earthseed and Dōgen's Zen / Christopher Kocela
  • Butler's invention of scripture in light of Hebrew wisdom literature / Naylor Davis
  • Regarding the other in Octavia Butler's Xenogenesis: toward a post-humanist ethics / Mary Grover
  • Parable of the talents as genre criticism and the Holy Spirit of speculative fiction / Chuck Robinson
  • "Only actions": ritual and the embodied processing of trauma in Parable of the sower and Parable of the talents / Keegan Osinski
  • Migration, spirituality, and restorative spaces: shape-shifting to heal in Octavia Butler's Wild seed / Briana Whiteside
  • "We trade the essence of ourselves": West African spirituality in Xenogenesis' Oankali / Ebony Gibson
  • The healing and harmful effects of work in Octavia Butler's short stories "Crossover," "The book of Martha," and "Speech sounds" / Jennifer L. Hayes
  • Shapers of god: Octavia E. Butler's Parable of the sower and womanist theological practice / Tarshia L. Stanley
  • Octavia Butler's Xenogenesis trilogy, Bloodchild and the Androgynous third / Alexis Brooks de Vita
  • Erotic pedagogy in Parable of the talents: freedom and community through touch / Brianna Thompson
  • Black women's prophesy: O.E. Butler's parables / Phyllis L. Burns
  • The violence of making America great again: religion, power, and vulnerable bodies in Octavia Butler's Parable of the talents / Michael Brandon McCormack
  • Practicing the future together: Earthseed as a tool for black liberation / Shelby L. Crosby.