Table of Contents:
  • Russia, 1600-1900 / Nicholas V. Riasanovsky
  • Russian orthodox theology and icons, 1600-1900 / Dmitry Grigorieff
  • Copper icons in daily use in old Russia / Vera Beaver-Bricken Espinola
  • Icons amidst Russian old believers of Oregon and Alaska / Richard A. Morris
  • Icons in the daily life of Pomorians in the United States ; Old believers and the manufacturing of copper icons / Anton Serge Beliajeff
  • Iconographic form and content in the Kunz Collection / Basil Lefchick
  • The technology and conservation of the Kunz Collection / Vera Beaver-Bricken Espinola
  • Illustrated catalog of the 1988 NMAH display : "Castings of faith : Russian copper icons and crosses from the Kunz Collection" / Richard Eighme Ahlborn, with Vera Beaver-Bricken Espinola and Basil Lefchick.