Cherokee women in charge : female power and leadership in American Indian nations of eastern North America /

"Cherokee women wielded significant power, and history demonstrates that in what is now America, indigenous women often bore the greater workload, both inside and outside the home. During the French and Indian War, Cherokee women resisted a chief's authority, owned family households, were...

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Main Author: Cooper, Karen Coody (Author)
Format: Book
Published: Jefferson, North Carolina : McFarland & Company, Inc., Publishers, [2022]
Table of Contents:
  • Elements empowering Cherokee women
  • Terms of endearment : matriarchy, matrilineal, matrifocal
  • Under the female sun : mythologies and ethos
  • Female sexuality in Cherokee matrilineal society
  • The labor of Cherokee women
  • Ghigooie and the influence of matrilineal power
  • Visualizing Cherokee women and their homes
  • A bushel of chestnuts for a petticoat : barter and trade
  • Perspective : the Iroquois Great Law and Jigonsaseh
  • Beloved war women's authority : life or death
  • Ingenuity in creative arts : weaving and more
  • Creating life : pleasure and pain
  • Chiefs' hospitality provided by women
  • Women's ceremonial life : festivals, dance and games
  • Sixth through 16th century : Yucatan, Hispaniola and Cofitachequi
  • Seventeenth century women of Powhatan, Manhattan, Delaware and Pocasset
  • Eighteenth century "sinicker" queen, Creek Empress and Canadian Mohawk lady
  • Nineteenth century Choctaw Little Blue Hen and Chickie and Chockie's Chickasaw mother
  • Two twentieth century seminole female chiefs
  • Nineteenth century Cherokee cultural evolution : legislation, missionaries, patriliny
  • Cherokee women enduring the Trail of Tears
  • Enterprising Susan Coody and the California Gold Rush
  • The Civil War's Cherokee female refugees
  • Institutions in the absence of former matrilineal networks
  • Suffrage : a U.S. Senator's mother and a Tammany Hall heiress
  • Cherokee women : preservers of heritage, history and language
  • Modern era war women : in the line of defense
  • Sustaining ancient skills and developing new arts
  • Great Depression survivors : a migrant mother and a space engineer
  • Twentieth century female Cherokee chiefs : Wilma Mankiller and Joyce Dugan
  • Excelling in a post-modern world : poet laureates, prima ballerinas and more.