The rise of mental health nursing : a history of psychiatric care in Dutch asylums, 1890-1920 /

A unique analysis of psychiatric care and the emerging field of mental health nursing in the Netherlands at the turn of the 19th century.

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Main Author: Boschma, Geertje (Author)
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Published: Amsterdam : Amsterdam University Press, [2003]
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245 1 4 |a The rise of mental health nursing :  |b a history of psychiatric care in Dutch asylums, 1890-1920 /  |c Geertje Boschma. 
246 3 0 |a History of psychiatric care in Dutch asylums, 1890-1920 
264 1 |a Amsterdam :  |b Amsterdam University Press,  |c [2003] 
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504 |a Includes bibliographical references (pages 297-312) and index. 
505 0 0 |t Introduction --  |t Care of the mentally ill --  |t Asylum attendants and mental nurses --  |t The historiography of mental health nursing --  |t Four asylums as case studies --  |t The chapters in brief --  |g Chapter I.  |t Asylum reform ideals: personnel matters.  |t The appeal of institutional care and moral treatment --  |t A legal basis for asylum reform --  |t Increased medical influence --  |t Liberal views, reform rhetoric, and the problem of personnel --  |t Lower-class institutions --  |t The position of attendants and patients in the asylum hierarchy --  |t Different responses and different solutions: Roman Catholic initiatives --  |t Reform ideals frustrated: asylum growth and a new law --  |t A second law on the insane --  |t Awakening of Protestant duty --  |g Chapter II.  |t The ideal of a mental hospital.  |t New medical opinions: scientific psychiatry --  |t Medical views in Veldwijk: a Christian psychiatry. 
505 8 0 |t Bed rest --  |t Architectural changes and the increased application of bed rest --  |t Hydrotherapy and bath treatment --  |t Work remained --  |t The inspiring example of the general hospital: a new demand for skilled nursing --  |g Chapter III.  |t Female compassion: mental nurse training gendered female.  |t Religious roots --  |t Female compassion, domestic ideology and the women's movement --  |t Growing demand --  |t A new educational structure for nurses --  |t A respectable salaried occupation --  |t Female influence --  |t Hospital hierarchy --  |t Raising the status of psychiatry: the introduction of mental nurse training --  |t Gendered ideals: raising the morality of asylum personnel --  |t Het Wilhelminahuis (The Wilhelmina Home) --  |g Chapter IV.  |t The burdensome task of nurses.  |t The invisible role of nurses --  |t The nurse as object and agent of a disciplined asylum routine --  |t Threat, repression, and abuse: the division of wards as a control mechanism --  |t An analysis of patient records. 
505 8 0 |t Responding to dependency --  |t Growing old and demented --  |t Sick since youth --  |t Suffering from mania, acutely or periodically --  |t The care of paralyzed and handicapped syphilis patients --  |t They wished to be dead: the risk of suicide --  |t Overcome by delusions: the risk of refusing food, self-mutilation, violence and escape --  |t Nervous afflictions and brain trauma: rare cases in the turn-of-the-century asylum --  |g Chapter V.  |t Negotiating class and culture.  |t A gendered structure --  |t A new discipline and morale --  |t Culture shock --  |t The Orthodox Protestant Perception of mental nurse training: a family ideology --  |t Gendered nursing leadership in Veldwijk --  |t Implementing an educational structure --  |t Mental nurse training at Veldwijk --  |t Debate over the Boschhoek --  |t The Boschhoek revisited --  |t Roman Catholic "Resistance" --  |g Chapter VI.  |t The marginalization of male nurses.  |t Nursing, a respected occupation -- but not for men --  |t Squeezed out --  |t Nurse artisans. 
505 8 0 |t The home of a married nurse: a place of family care? --  |t Growing class consciousness --  |t Male nurse activism and the career of P.N. Bras --  |t Gendered politics versus expertise --  |g Chapter VII.  |t Controversy and conflict over the social position.  |t An ambiguous social position --  |t Growing social awareness among asylum nursing personnel --  |t Activism among the VCV nurses --  |t Seeking legal protection from the state --  |t Controversy over training --  |t Ambivalence over morality and class background --  |t The threat of private duty --  |t Tension over the NVP exam criteria --  |t Controversy over the somatic approach and biomedical footing of psychiatric care --  |g Conclusion: the politics of mental health nursing --  |t The disappointment of somatic explanations in turn-of-the-century psychiatry --  |t A gendered notion of civilized care --  |t The Educational versus the social value of mental nurse training --  |t Economic problems, growing costs --  |t Ideals and limitations. 
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520 |a A unique analysis of psychiatric care and the emerging field of mental health nursing in the Netherlands at the turn of the 19th century. 
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