A companion to Derrida /

"Introduces the reader to the positions Derrida took in various areas of philosophy, as well as clarifying how derrideans interpret them in the present"--

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Other Authors: Direk, Zeynep (Editor), Lawlor, Leonard, 1954- (Editor)
Format: eBook
Published: Chichester, West Sussex, United Kingdom : John Wiley & Sons Inc., 2014.
Series:Blackwell companions to philosophy ; 56.
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Table of Contents:
  • Truth in Derrida / Christopher Norris
  • A Certain Truth : Derrida's Transformation of the Kantian Heritage / Olivia Custer
  • Difference / Claire Colebrook
  • The Obscurity of Différance / Gary Gutting
  • Metaphor and Analogy in Derrida / Geoffrey Bennington
  • The Slow and Differentiated Machinations of Deconstructive Ethics / Kelly Oliver
  • Deconstruction / Leonard Lawlor
  • The Transcendental Claim of Deconstruction / Maxime Doyon
  • Writing the Violence of Time : Derrida Beyond the Deconstruction of Metaphysics / Björn Thorsteinsson
  • Derrida's Radical Atheism / Martin Hägglund
  • Play and Messianicity : the Question of Time and History in Derrida's Deconstruction / Françoise Dastur
  • I See Your Meaning and Raise the Stakes by a Signature : the Invention of Derrida's Work / Peggy Kamuf
  • An Immemorial Remainder : the Legacy of Derrida / Rodolphe Gasché
  • Derrida and Ancient Philosophy (Plato and Aristotle) / Michael Naas
  • There Is Neither Jew Nor Greek : the Strange Dialogue Between Levinas and Derrida / Robert Bernasconi
  • The Crystallization of the Impossible : Derrida and Merleau-Ponty at the Threshold of Phenomenology / Sabrina Aggleton
  • The Politics of Writing : Derrida and Althusser / Edward Baring
  • Derrida and Psychoanalysis / Elizabeth Rottenberg
  • Derrida and Barthes : Speculative Intrigues in Cinema, Photography, and Phenomenology / Louise Burchill
  • Derrida and de Man : Two Rhetorics of Deconstruction / J. Hillis Miller
  • Fraternal Politics and Maternal Auto-Immunity : Derrida, Feminism, and Ethnocentrism / Penelope Deutscher
  • Antigone as the White Fetish of Hegel and the Seductress of Derrida / Tina Chanter
  • Art's Work : Derrida and Artaud and Atlan / Andrew Benjamin
  • Heidegger and Derrida on Responsibility / Francçois Raffoul
  • On Faith and the Holy in Heidegger and Derrida / Ben Vedder and Gert-Jan van der Heiden
  • Safe, Intact : Derrida, Nancy, and the Deconstruction of Christianity / Kas Saghafi
  • Derrida and the Trace of Religion / John D. Caputo
  • Derrida and Islamic Mysticism : an Undecidable Relationship / Recep Alpyaǧil
  • Derrida and Education / Samir Haddad
  • A Philosophy of Touching Between the Human and the Animal : the Animal Ethics of Jacques Derrida / Patrick Llored
  • Poetry, Animality, Derrida / Nicholas Royle
  • On Forgiveness and the Possibility of Reconciliation / Ann V. Murphy
  • Cosmopolitanism to Come : Derrida's Response to Globalization / Fred Evans
  • The Flipside of Violence, or Beyond the Thought of Good Enough / Leonard Lawlor
  • Derrida/Law : a Differend / Pierre Legrand.