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    Thesis Book
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    Twenty four new and accurate maps of the several parts of Europe; (viz.) : 1. The world in general. 2. Europe in particular. 3. Sweden and Norway. 4. Denmark. 5. Muscovy, or Russia. 6. Poland.7. Germany in general. 8. The north-east part of Germany, containing the Dutchies of Mecklenburgh and Pomerania, Brandenburgh, Saxony, Silesia, the marquisate of Lusatia, &c. 9. The north-west part of Germany, containing Cologne, Westphalia, Juliers, Cleeves, Munster, Osnaburgh, Holstein, Bremen, Hanover, Lunenburgh and Brunswick, Hesse-Cassel, &c. 10. The south-east part of Germany, viz. Bavaria, Newburgh, Saltzburgh, Bohemia, Moravia, Austria, Styria, Carinthia, Carniola, Brixen, Trent, Tirol, &c. 11. The south-west part of Germany, viz. Mentz and Treeves, palatine of the Rhine, circles of Franconia, Swabia and Alsace, Lorain, the Weteraw, &c. 12. Swabia and Franconia, with the Duke of Marlborough's March to Hochstet, &c. 13. The United-provinces, or Netherlands. 14. Flanders, or the Spanish-Netherlands; with the bishopricks of Combray and Liege. 15. France in general. 16. The north part of France, viz. Picardy, Normandy, Bretagne, Isle of France, Champagne and Orleanois. 17. The south part of France, viz. Burgundy, Lyonois, Guienne, Languedoc, Dauphine and Provence. 18. Spain and Portugal. 19. Italy in general, with Naples, the Isle of Sicily, &c. 20. Lombardy, with Dauphine, Provence, the Cevennes, &c. 21. The Swisse-Cantons...
    by Moll, Herman, -1732
    Published 1715
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    Published 1965
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